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Our Mission

Helping people far from
God find life in Jesus Christ.

This is why Catalyst was started. This is why we exist. This is our mission. Jesus Christ came to the world to seek and save God’s lost children and this is the commission he has given the church. All we do at Catalyst is through this lens. Our Sunday Services, Community Groups, and events are designed and executed to help those far from God find and follow Jesus.

To have every child in
Santa Paula feel & find the love of God.

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Catalyst is a church called to reach the next generation in Santa Paula. We believe the next generation is not the future of the church, they are the church today! We not only pour a lot of resources into creating relevant and high impact programs on campus, but we also pour resources and energy into the public schools in Santa Paula through outreach programs, school supplies, uniforms, school beautification, and more. Catalyst is also home to the Catalyst Community Preschool where our Outdoor Classroom environment is on the cutting edge of preschool education as a way to prepare children well for elementary school.


To create Mark 1:17 disciples.

Jesus said to the first disciples in Mark 1:17, “Come, follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.” We believe this is the most concise and complete definition of what it means to follow Jesus today. We believe Christians not only need to grow in their ability to follow Jesus well, but must also have an eye towards making other disciples. If you spend anytime around Catalyst you’ll get to know this aspect of who we are is ingrained into our discipleship culture.

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