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Arise Aquatics exists so that every athlete can be challenged to reach their fullest potential in faith, character, swimming and water polo in Santa Paula. 

Arise Aquatics Fall session will August 22 - November 2 and will include practices, scrimmages and games for most age brackets. Our club’s practices divide up into a few distinct practices based on age and experience please select the group that most matches where your child’s age and ability. 

10u, 12 & Novice Coed


10u & 12u & Novice athletes practice Tuesday & Thursday 5:45 - 7:15 and Wednesdays 4:15 - 6. There will be some Friday evening scrimmages and various Saturday games in the Ventura County League for our 12us only (10u’s who are deep water safe are encouraged to play in the 12u games.) 

14u Coed


Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 4:15 - 6pm with some Friday evening scrimmages and various Saturday games in the Ventura County League.

High School Aged Athletes


Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 4:15 - 6pm with some Friday evening scrimmages and the possibility of Saturday games in the Ventura County League if we have plenty of interest. 

Practice DATES, TIMES, and LOCATION can and likely will vary because:
1. Our registrations can fluctuate and we may have to amend practice schedules to improve the quality of the practices we are offering.

2. Our pool is old and can break down.

Confused about what group to register for in Fall of 2023? Fall starts the new water polo year and your water polo age is the age you will be on Aug 1, 2024. As an example If you are currently 12 and will turn 13 before August 1, 2024 then your water polo age is 13 and you should register for 14U.



Arise is for Faith and Character Development


My college water polo and swim coach Larry Barrette always said “The pool is the greatest teacher” and while many of the lessons we learned were about swimming and water polo, he wasn’t talking about swimming or water polo. He was instead talking about life lessons like - Learning to fail and not give up. Learning to be a good team mate and abandoning our patterns of selfishness. Setting and achieving goals. Delayed gratification, swimming and living with the end in mind. 

Our hope is that athletes at Arise Aquatics will be coached in these types of life lessons and more. Billy Graham said “A coach will impact more people in one year than the average person will in an entire lifetime.” That’s a pretty lofty statement but it is our goal to be coaches who understand the significance of the role and seek to develop athletes as complete people.  

Arise is for Jesus


Arise Aquatics is a ministry of Catalyst Church which exists to help people far from God find life in Christ. We hope that every athlete feels loved by their coaches and most importantly by God. We aim to share the good news about Jesus through our program. 

Arise is for Santa Paula


While we are glad to have athletes join us from other cities Arise Aquatics is for Santa Paula and the Santa Paula High School Pool will be our home base. After coaching aquatics in Ventura Country for the last 16 years it has become painfully obvious to me that we have a great disparity of resources in our county and generally the best coaches, clubs, programs and pools cluster around areas of wealth. The best athletes often then leave their communities to cluster around these “successful” center points. This then leaves our less affluent cities and schools remarkably under resourced and under coached as they try to compete.  


Arise Aquatics is aiming to offer high quality aquatics training in Santa Paula with a hope to one day level the the competitive playing field by :

1. teaching kids to swim

2. making aquatic sports more accessible in Santa Paula

3. offering quality coaching in our area. 

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